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Financial Check Up

February 15th, 2016

Financial Check-Up

Welcome to your free financial check-up, discussing 5 key factors to assist you in ensuring you are on the right track to a solid financial future.


Ensuring you are using credit wisely will pave the way to making sure you have options available to you if or when you need them. One thing we can all do is check our credit report on a regular basis – at least once ea ...

Buyer and Seller Key Role's

November 6th, 2015
I have had request for this to be posted so here you go... The idea is to have one Buyer and one Seller key roles branded PDF or printed material. An agent does no much that the client ofter does not really understand what are the most important. To get credit, one needs to tell the client what you are doing and why. When this is done a better understanding of services, roles and value exist. ...